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showing the chilling moments >> it the star power we can expect tonight at the dnc >> could we see a few showers today? we will talk about a coming up >> the morning commute is definitely in full swing. conditions are starting to get busy in berkeley. >> good morning everyone. good to have you with us. >> it is 6:00. a chp officer shot during a traffic stop is on life support this morning >> the officer's name is kenya youngstrom. we have team coverage this morning. first, cbs five reporter is live in walnut creek with an update on the officers condition and some exclusive video after the shooting >> a lot of hopes and prayers are coming to john muir medical
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center where officer youngstrom is on life support. members of his family, officers from the chp and extended family have been keeping vigil here at a hospital all night long. youngstrom was shot yesterday morning by the driver of a jeep that was pulled over on 680. you're looking at cellphone video from a witness who saw the moments after the officer was shot. a lot of the video is too graphic show on television. another officer opened fire on the jeep driver who later died from his injuries. the witness says he saw the second officer shoot up to 10 times shattering a window >> i saw when the cops started shooting the guy in the jeep and as soon as he shot the guy in the jeep, he ran to the police car and i guess he called for backup. >> in that video we can see to chp cars.
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we understand youngstrom was driving the car in front of the jeep. a lot of questions this morning about who is driving that sheet. it was registered last to a person in a point. the owner apparently couldn't afford towing fees and apparently left it in the hands of a towing yard. we're waiting for the identity of the suspect who was driving the jeep and hopefully find out why he was pulled over in the first place. we are also learning that there is a vigil being planned for tonight in cordelia where officer youngstrom and his family live. there is a parked right next to the school and people will be gathering their at 7:30 p.m.. >> highway patrol officer who was shot is now fighting for his life and we are now finding out
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more information about his background. >> the chp says they are touched by the amount of support they have seen. before the chp, he was in the u.s. army reserve. a sergeant says what happened yesterday was a sobering reminder to all. >> is a time to remember when we get up to brush our teeth that the job we have we might not be coming home and just as all of you know that every time you get in your car you know there are fatalities that occur. >> she says the chp is a family organization and this has affected all of them
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>> according to the contra costa times this was the first serious line of duty incident since 2007 when another officer died after slamming into a tree chasing suspected drunk driver. >> the first call about the shooting came about 820 in the morning >> reportedly shots fired at an officer on the freeway and the officer is possibly down >> the officer radioed for help and then returned to youngstrom side until paramedics arrived. you can find the latest updates on >> san jose firefighter frank ryan is out of a drug induced coma and is speaking with visitors for the first time since suffering a heart attack. he collapsed last week while battling the cathedral fire
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downtown and since then family have been staying there in shifts. san jose congresswoman zoe lofgren lends her support to the search for sierra lamar this morning. the rep is scheduled to be at the search center in morgan hill. people go out every wednesday and every saturday trying to find a teenager who disappeared in march. a candlelight vigil is planned at city hall later tonight. a little bit of a cool down with some drizzle this morning >> a little bit towards the coast line. there are a few raindrops around the bay area with subtropical moisture sliding through. we will try to break things up. look at the cloud surging up from the south. there is a chance it could touch off a couple of light scattered showers or even an isolated thunderstorm.
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many clouds extended over the bay this morning. temperatures running mainly in the fifties outside right now. a couple of the clouds move on by with the '60s and '70s around the bay. time now for traffic with elizabeth. >> we just got off the phone with allen brooks who is traveling out of castro valley towards the livermore area. fast-track is looking good, just some slight delays in the cash lands. 20 minutes from the altamont pass toward 680.
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all of the other drive times are still in the green including up the nimitz and westbound 24. burning in a remote area of colusa county near state highway 16 south of highway 20. it began yesterday as two separate fires that have since merged to burn 500 a. of rugged terrain. because it is in a remote area no buildings are being threatened at this point. the fire is 10 percent contained. crews are slowly making progress president bill clinton is set to retake the stage at
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the democratic national convention in north carolina. >> the first lady and a rising star from texas were big hits >> they certainly were. tonight belongs to bill clinton but last night, the opening night was all about michelle obama. she electrified the crowd. michele obama had everyone on the convention floor on their feet. >> i love her >> some had tears in their eyes as mrs. obama spoke passionately about her husband >> i have seen firsthand that being president does not change to your >> it reveals to your >> she says this president is a man whose upbringing and from
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the values mean you look out for all americans >> that is why he cut taxes for working families and small businesses and fought to get the auto industry back on its feet >> while the first lady stayed mostly away from politics, the keynote speaker go ride in. he got the crowd fired up when he answered the question, are we better off today than four years ago? >> four years ago america stood on the brink of a depression, despite incredible odds and united republican opposition, our president took action and now we have seen 4.5 million new jobs >> tonight president bill clinton will be the star >> they have used wood and we have the clintons, we went >> is expected to share how he got the economy rolling out he could believes that president obama can do it as well >> when he left office the economy was better than when he took office >> president clinton will need to compete with the start of the
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nfl season. today there will be a roll-call vote to officially nominate barack obama and joe biden for the presidency and vice presidency. president obama makes his way to charlotte today. >> are you hearing anything from republicans? >> they have been holding a counter convention all week long and their responses have been very predictable. there clinging to the same question, are we better off in four years ago? everyone here is trying to answer that in their way. paul ryan has been out campaigning talking about how we're certainly not better off in four years ago. >> coming up, melissa griffin will join us and we are streaming the convention live at cbs says that dot com.
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football fans bought tickets but could not find their seats. cal's big mistake at the new memorial stadium. >> the bay area get some national recognition in a spot you usually consider pretty private. >> some lucky ducks trying to cross the road, we got a bird's,
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>> breaking news from brussels. an alarm has been lifted after a bomb scare reported that the u.s. embassy there. bomb disposal experts were investigating to vehicles containing gas bottles near the embassy. the building was evacuated this morning we will continue to
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follow this and give you more information as we get it >> details have been announced regarding the public memorial service for neil armstrong. the first man to set foot on the moon will be honored at washington national cathedral one week from tomorrow. the assets says a very limited number of seats will be made available to the public but it will be shown live on national tv. astronauts on the international space station are making their second space walk in less than a week. these are live pictures from the past couple of hours, some of the video we will be showing, a nasa astronaut and a colleague from japan are trying to get a power switching box installed. >> take a look at what is in
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some viral video this morning. it breaks your heart but there is a happy ending. in view of some ducklings' following their mother across an interstate. the little family dodges it the best they can. some get pretty close but somehow they arrived apparently unscathed. >> we have been pretty quiet so far for a morning commute. we will take you outside and show you what it looks like. this is the mobile 5 ac transit camera and they are crossing what looks like the lower deck of the bay bridge. upper deck traffic does not look too bad.
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the san mateo bridge, the right side is the commute direction. elsewhere, we have a camera also positioned across the richmond san rafael bridge. southbound 101, working in lanes down towards the golden gate bridge has now been picked up. slow down through san jose but 280 and the guadalupe parkway, so far there are no major issues. westbound 580, the altamont
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pass drive time is now 20 minutes of this is usual. it is starting to get busy approaching livermore. so far, no delay out of the caldecott tunnel. that is a check of your time saver traffic. >> we see some low clouds and fog extending out over the bay. a little bit of drizzle but you will see more of that. this could be a very interesting day with doppler radar showing things quiet right now but we do see some radar returns sliding up towards the bay area. there is a slight chance we could see some scattered light showers or maybe even an isolated thunderstorm. a lot of clouds and even in the
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valleys. partly cloudy inside the day and temperatures will stay on the toasty side. you'll see subtropical moisture making its way inside the bay area bringing a slight chance of showers. otherwise the temperatures will work out nicely. 63 degrees in pacifica. '70s as you make her way into the delta. 71 in oakland. 81 in santa rosa. the next couple of days, a few left over clouds but the weekend looks warmer some clouds out here now, some tropical moisture sliding in so if you cannot go to hawaii, is coming to you today.
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>> cal's athletic department says it is fixing a problem that led to the sale of seats that did not exist at their renovated football stadium. last week some fans had to squeeze together on benches in the northeast corner of the stadium. officials say they're reaching out to anyone who was affected. if you have to go, you might as well go in style. >> we are talking bathrooms here. san francisco might have the finest. a local business is vying for the fifth title of america's best restroom. one of the top 10 finalists is called zitan in downtown san francisco. >> san francisco restaurants are so small bet every little piece of real estate matters >> other top bathrooms include this one at the hollywood bowl and a million-dollar throne room
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at a las vegas nightclub. >> starbucks on j st. is pretty good. >> taxi troubles might be over. why hailing a cab in san francisco is about to get a lot easier >> a table tennis shot that has caught fire on the web. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> plenty of clouds outside today, a couple of raindrops. we will talk about it coming up. >> it did not take long for things to stack up at the bay
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bridge. delays in the cash and fast- track plans but no problems across the golden gate or san mateo bridge. >> the a's and the giants are both at home today again after losses >> san francisco starter brian global song gave up six runs before being chased out of the game. the giants tied it up in the seventh. arizona got to in the 11th inning and win the game 8-6. mike trout, the phenomenal rookie put l.a. on the board with a single. the a's fall into a tie for the wild card. the play of the day, the pair of olympics in london england. during britain's table tennis match during germany, look at that effort. somehow it drops on the other
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side. he ended up losing the match but who cares? he got the play of the day for his efforts. coming up, holding out hope for sierra lamar. who is joining in the search for the missing morgan hill teenager >> first lady michelle obama pays tribute to her husband at the dnc. what we can expect tonight >> a chp officer shop on 680 yesterday is still on life support this morning. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it good morning everyone. >> exclusive video from the freeway shootout that has left a chp officer fighting for his life >> the first lady fires up the crowd at the dnc. >> reports of shots possibly fired at an officer, the officer is possibly down >> the exclusive moments after a chp officer was shot on the freeway >> i look around and i saw the car when he was shooting the guy in the jeep >> officer youngstrom is still in critical condition >> is a time that we reflect, a time where we remember when we get up and brush our teeth that the job we have we might not be coming home. >> stand together for the man we can trust >> first lady michelle obama stands by her man
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>> i have seen firsthand that being president does not change who you are. it reveals who you are >> republicans continue to push the question are you better off in four years ago >> apple is expected to unveil a successor to the iphone next week. >> good morning everyone. a chp officer who was shot during a traffic stop on highway 680 is on life support >> officer youngstrom is seen in this photo. we have live coverage this morning. kate will have more about officer youngstrom and his family but first, and is in a walnut creek with an update on the officers condition and exclusive video. >> still in critical condition
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on life support, officer youngstrom family and friends and fellow a chp officer is have been visiting, keeping vigil all night long as well as some of his extended family. the outpouring of hope and prayer coming to the hospital after officer youngstrom was shot yesterday morning by the driver of a jeep pulled over on 680 in alamo. you're looking at cellphone video from a witness who saw the incident moments after the officer was shot. most of that video is too graphic to show on television. >> i heard the shots so that is when i looked around and i saw the cop when he was shooting the guy in the jeep. >> there were two chp cars in the video, one in front and one behind the suspects' vehicle. youngstrom was driving the car parked in front of the vehicle.
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the jeep that the suspect was driving was last driven by, last registered to a person in a point and could not afford towing fees and apparently left in the hands of the towing yard. the suspect in this case, also questions over why he was pulled over in the first place. the investigation is ongoing by the sheriff's department in contra costa county and of course we will keep you posted this morning on the officers condition here at john muir medical center. >> the officer is now fighting for his life and we are learning more details about his background. >> chp says officer youngstrom friends and family are asking for everyone's prayers this morning. officers say they fear there is little hope for his recovery.
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he is a family man, has been and devoted father of four children. before he was in the chp he was in the u.s. army reserves. >> we do appreciate all the calls of concern from the public, the media, and every family and friends who love poured their concerns towards us, we thank you very much >> it doesn't just hit us, it hits the public as well. we're here to provide a service for you so it is not just us, is everybody. i have known him for a short period of time and his family will be in our prayers and thoughts and we need to stay focused on that. >> she says chp is a family and the incident has affected the whole organization. we're hearing there is a vigil
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planned for tonight at 730 in the park next to oak park elementary school. >> you can find a latest updates on cbs said seth dot com and you can see more of our exclusive video after the moments of the shooting. >> we could see some scattered light showers here in the bay area. cloudy as you approached the coast line and we have subtropical moisture sliding into the bay area which could bring the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. you can see the low clouds and fog outside right now with temperatures holding on into the fifties at this hour. allot of those temperatures
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inside the bay, 60s out towards the coastline. metering lights have been on >> meeting lights have been on and we are left with a pretty good back up. where stacked up just about to the 880 over crossing. mobile 5 is on westbound 580 almost towards pleasanton. it is a little slow right now coming through the altamont pass. westbound 237 is starting to slow because of a accident
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approaching zanker road. >> this morning, volunteers will gather for one of the twice per week searches for sierra lamar. that did were joins us from morgan hill where a bay area representative will join the efforts today. >> congresswoman zoe lofgren is scheduled to but is it the elementary school in morgan hill this morning, the search headquarters since occurred disappearance on march 16th. things are pretty dark right now, none of the volunteers have shown up, but the congresswoman is expected to be here around 9:00 this morning. we're not exactly sure what she will say or do. she may offer words of support and she may even offer federal support. this visit comes nearly six months after sierra vanished on her way to school. dedicated volunteers continue to go out twice per week to look for her in the morgan hill area.
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this visit is not the only thing happening today. later this evening volunteers are organizing a vigil. it is also a fund-raiser. campbell's will be sold for $5 each with all donations going to the sierra lamar reward fund. the alleged killer 21 year-old antolin garcia-torres remains behind bars. prosecutors say that dna evidence found in his car links him to the 15 year old. >> san franciscans will soon have some more taxis to get around town. the board of directors has approved a plan to issue a temporary permits for up to 200 more taxis. the goal is to make it a little bit less difficult to hail a taxi cab >> democrats will take a step back in time as president clinton delivers a speech at the
6:39 am
convention. last night michele obama was a hit in north carolina >> i have seen firsthand that being president does not change who you are. it reveals who you are >> a speech by the mayor of san antonio, the nation's seventh largest city. he is considered a rising star in the democratic party >> four years ago america stood on the brink of depression. despite incredible odds in united republican opposition, our president took action, and now we have seen 4.5 million new jobs >> the president is set to arrive in charlotte today. he watched his wife speech from washington with his daughters. the obama's said they wanted at least one parent at home with the kids since it was the first day of school. san francisco examiner
6:40 am
columnist molly said griffin will join us live from charlotte in just a few minutes. we're also streaming the convention live on >> mcdonald's is making a major change on its menu in restaurants. >> a california family who says there were not allowed to fly because of their son's disability. >> the market opened just a few minutes ago. so far, a bit of a mixed bag but it is,,
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>> members of a california family claim american airlines kick them off a flight because one of them has down syndrome. >> it happened sunday
6:44 am
>> we were not allowed on the plane because this man, >> american airlines says the crew made the decision because the boy was agitated and running around the gate prior to boarding. we have been asking all morning, what you think of the airline's refusal to let that teenager on board and linda says to be denied boarding is an outrage. it sounds like a pilot might need some training. rosa says it is insensitive, kroll, mean-spirited and discriminatory. >> let's get another look at traffic and weather >> it looks like a great day outside so far. something interesting, we do have some subtropical moisture moving ahead of of these clouds and that means we have a chance
6:45 am
of a few scattered showers. high-definition doppler is picking up on some of them. some moisture down towards the san jose area now. about a 20 percent chance of a few showers making for a beautiful sunrise from mount vaca. you can see some subtropical moisture moving in. it looks like more sunshine and probably some warmer temperatures as we headed towards the weekend. you might need your windshield wiper a couple of times, especially in the south bay. 63 degrees in pacifica. in san francisco, probably some mid-60's there. 81 in santa rosa.
6:46 am
the next couple of days, a couple of those clouds will move through. saturday and sunday are looking good. >> is pretty nice on the roadway so far this morning. we do have heavier traffic conditions. 15 minutes out of a word towards foster city. towards the dublin interchange, you can see all of this traffic. pretty slow through livermore. no major accidents which is the good news. we had one smaller fender bender approaching zanker road but it might be a visual distraction because we are
6:47 am
seeing a lot of slow speeds. we also are following a stall, it looks like they might have cleared it already. so far, all green on the traffic sensors heading out of the east bay. the golden gate bridge is nice, no problems at all northbound or southbound 101. >> another big day ahead for the democrats with the national convention spotlight shining on president clinton tonight >> melissa griffin joins us live from charlotte north carolina. >> good morning. >> what is the energy level so far? from here it looks pretty good >> it has been amazing. already we have seen people
6:48 am
showing up with large hats, glasses that link, i think we have a picture of one of the delegates from florida the energy level was very high. at 430 before anything got started at 5, the louisiana delegate was singing when the saints come marching in. allow me to demonstrate. ♪ ♪ when obama goes marching in. you get the picture. >> how about michelle obama? a lot of people were raving about what she had to say. the mayor from san antonio was pretty impressive as well >> the first thing you should know is that the order of the speeches was very important and worked very well. in tampa we saw chris christie
6:49 am
give the keynote speech after ann romney speech. last night we saw the castro's speech before michele obama and it seemed to work much better. is a crude calculation of popularity but michele obama speech garnered 28,000 twitter hits per minute which doubled mitt romney acceptance speech which only got to 14,000 per minute. people were very excited and commenting on her awesome upper arms, her hair and her eyelashes. people are calling for a debate with ann romney. the wife gets to take over. this has been enormous for the people here at the convention. >> what is up for this evening? >> bill clinton is speaking tonight and people are very excited if for no other reason
6:50 am
than that the obama in administration has not seen his speech. if anything interesting happens tonight it will probably be in that speech. >> also in charlotte, charlie rose. >> he joins us with a look at what is coming up a little bit later. >> we have the former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel talking about president obama's convention speech and also about the president's relation with bill clinton and why the race is so close. we will also learn more from the navy seal who has the big book and was part of the effort to kill osama bin laden's. also, the concerns he still has about his own security.
6:51 am
>> cbs this morning starts at 7:00. >> american workers were more productive in the latest quarter than earlier expected. >> ashley morris and joins us now from money watch. >> overseas markets were jittery this morning ahead of tomorrow's meeting of the european central bank. the tokyo nikkei fell on wall street, investors are concerned about global growth ahead of tomorrow's meeting and the profit outlook was cut this morning. the dow is now down by about three points. nasdaq is also lower by seven this morning. mark zuckerberg is keeping his
6:52 am
shares for at least another year. that is easing the fears of investors who worry that new shares on the market could depress the price even further. it is now valued at less than its ipo offer price. apple is expected to unveil the successor to the i four, iphone next week. a presentation showed a big number 12 but to cast a shadow that forms a no. 5 for possibly the iphone 5. experts predict the latest version will be thinner with a longer screen and will work with faster wireless networks. >> mcdonald's is getting rid of burgers? in one country and waste >> mcdonald's plans to open restaurants in india with entirely meet three menus. the company already has 250 locations in india but they serve chicken.
6:53 am
let's just hope they keep the apple pie and the french fries on the menu. >> coming up, a final look at the top stories the top stories >> a plan vigil for a,,,,,,,,,,
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i didn't know strawberries where in season right now. the top stories >> a plan vigshh'sr a,,,,,,,,,, no no no no no no.. rosco, no, no... ♪ opera love it. (crying) ally, ally
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he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. >> family friends and co-workers are keeping vigil for the wounded chp officer >> and is in walnut creek where the officer is in hospital. >> still in critical condition this morning. officer kenya youngstrom, 37
6:57 am
years old, the father of four, he has been with the chp for seven years. shot yesterday morning by the driver of a jeep pulled over on 680 and alamo. this is cellphone video from a witness who saw the moments after the officer was shot. most of it is too graphic show as the officer opened fire on the jeep driver who later died from his injuries. at second officer help youngstrom until paramedics arrived. there were to patrol cars on the scene. the one in front was driven by youngstrom and the other one pulled up in back of the jeep. we're waiting for more information for what might be on the dashboard camera video from those cars. we're also waiting for more information on the suspect, in this case the man who was
6:58 am
driving a jeep, and what he was even pulled over in the first place. we understand he has no outstanding warrants. there will be a vigil tonight where youngstrom lives in cordelia. it will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the park next to oak brook elementary. we will keep you posted on his condition throughout the day on and tear on channel 5. >> in four hours police in vallejo will hold a news conference about a fatal shooting involving officers three days ago. a suspect was shot and killed after brandishing a replica firearms in the early hours of sunday morning. police say he refused orders to put his hands up. san jose congresswoman zoe lofgren windsor support to the search for sierra lamar. the rep is >> to be at the center in morgan
6:59 am
hill. searchers go out every wednesday and saturday trying to find a teenager who disappeared in march. also, a candlelight vigil is planned for city hall this evening >> just enough time for traffic and weather >> it will be a fascinating day around the bay area with lots of clouds out there now. there might even be an isolated thunderstorm outside. edie's in low 90s inland. 60s out towards the coast. >> a quick look at the bay bridge where it is backed up almost to the mcarthur maze. elsewhere, let's look towards milpitas where westbound 237 traffic. >> i think we're all done >> thanks for watching eyewitness news this morning.

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